Benefits of a Customizable File Tracking System

Customizing Your File Tracking SystemLet’s face it, not every office is structured the same way and neither is their files which is why having a customizable file tracking system is vital in any office that is expected to run efficiently. FILETACTICS has created a well balanced array of file tracking system and software services which can help your office manage documents more effectively, in turn, increasing production. Whether you are in the medical, legal, banking, finance or court system industry – there are plenty of benefits you can take advantage of with the FILETACTICS services.

Customizing Your File Tracking System

When you implement the FILETACTICS File-Coder and Color Coded file tracking systems, you will surely need to customize your setup and labels. We offer in depth training for your staff on how to use these software programs as well as provide all the tools and supplies that you will need to customize your labels. With a few different products and stages offered by our Intelagio printing services, we have the ability to offer you a high quality print on demand service for all your labeling needs and can show you how to work with the system in order to finalize your perfect system.

Who Can Utilize File Tracking Software?Who Can Utilize a File Tracking System

Since the most common places you will find a file tracking system are within the medical and legal fields – one is usually surprise that there are actually a wealth of other organizations who can utilize the system. The banking industry commonly uses an effective file tracking system for all phases of the financial industry such as mortgage offices, Underwriter files, payday loan companies, abstract companies and of course, in house bank files. Since most of the banking industry has become electronically automated, one would think paper files would be obsolete. However, in most states, by law, a financial institution or bank is required to keep files for up to seven years. Most organizations keep older paper files archived in an off-site storage facility. In these cases, an effective and accurate file tracking system is imperative since the files are not physically on site to sift through.

Which File Tracking System Should You Implement?

FILETACTICS offers innovative file tracking systems that can help your organization operate more efficiently as well as optimize your time management more effectively. The File-Coder file tracking software provides an easy yet effective way to log the pertinent information of your existing files as well as create new labels for new files. FILETACTICS will provide you with a full online demonstration of how to utilize the file tracking software as well as how to use the print on demand label feature. We provide you with all the necessary supplies you will need and remain available to walk you through any troubleshooting issues. Take advantage of live technical support via telephone for the first 30 days of your service and continued support thereon via live chat and email.


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