Managing Your File Room Effectively with File Tracking Software

Does your file room look like a tornado just passed through it? File everywhere, loose papers on the floor – no REAL way to tell where the files are except for physically searching for it? You know, it doesn’t have to be this way! FILETACTICS has developed a fool-proof series of file tracking software that enables you to customize your file room as you see fit. We understand that each individual office has their own system which consists of very different needs. While some offices may use a standard alphabetical system to organize their files, others may be organizing by file name or social security number. There’s a wealth of different ways in which a company can attempt to organize their file room, but what happens once the files are in place? How do you track where they are? It is very easy for files to slide inside of each other or get misplaced while being moved around the shelves. For this reason, many businesses are looking into an effective file tracking system or software that gives them the ability to maintain a more efficient filing system as well as a cleaner file area!

How Can a File Tracking System Avoid Chaos in the File Room?

As you more commonly see in the medical, legal and finance fields, files are generally sorted by the patient/client last name. You may notice that each folder has a bunch of stickers along the side which is usually numbers, letters and sometimes barcodes. This is exactly what a file tracking system does – it labels your files while simultaneously creating a secondary file online for you to track. This enables office staff the ability to save time valuable time, at the very least, since they no longer need to search a messy file room for one individual file. The can log onto the file tracking software and receive the information they need as to the location of a file or quick reference to pertinent information within a file.

What Information is Stored in the File Tracking System Software?

Since every office does deem different types of information as important, FILETACTICS has developed a file tracking software system that is completely customizable for your individual needs. Whether your files are organized by closing date, patient name, social security number or current year – we can customize your file tracking system to reflect an up to date log for each of your files. This will create an additional database for your files in case one is lost or misplaced. Many utilize a file tracking system just to decrease the amount of files which are lost every year. Did you know that the average office losses approximately $200 per file that is lost throughout the year? This wouldn’t be so bad if the average office didn’t lose 3 out of every 10 files per year! It adds up at the end of the year, doesn’t it?

Getting Started with a Reliable File Tracking System

FILETACTICS has years of experience in the file tracking system industry and have dedicated the same time to perfecting their file tracking software to accommodate the needs of any office. Despite the size of your file room, company, or archived files, our file tracking software works diligently to transform the file room or area in any office – creating a more efficient structure and production strategy. With a backup file stored online with all of your files pertinent information and an effective tracking system that marks each individual file – every office has the ability to handle more files simultaneously and effectively. Needless to say this can increase business tremendously. FILETACTICS offers an online demonstration for you and your office staff to walk you through the entire process, helping you get familiar with the file tracking system and file tracking software. We can even show you how to color code your files as well.


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