How to Implement Document Tracking for Increased Production

Document tracking, in essence, is the most effective organization tactic that an office can implement in order to crate the most efficient office environment. Managing your files effectively can help any office determine what level of system will be needed to maintain order and efficiency within the office. Let’s face it, in most offices, clients and customers, however memorable by face, are categorized into a file – holding all the pertinent information and paper trails for that customers existence. Without an accurate way of knowing where each physical file is at any given time, can lead to a wealth of potentially expensive problems.

Avoiding Problems with Effective Document Tracking

Some may think that the worst thing that can happen without an effective document tracking system is that you won’t be able to find a file when you need it. However, it could potentially be much more detrimental in certain cases. For example, many offices, especially in the finance and legal fields, host personal information in these files such as social security numbers, bank statements and in some cases, copies of identification records – all aspects covered under the Privacy Act. Losing a file of this nature, if found in the wrong hands, can result in a hefty lawsuit for the company due to neglegence. In these fields, amongst others, this can mean a costly fix, as well as a damaged reputation, which no company should have to endure. The answer is simple – an effective document tracking system can allow any staff member to locate and retrieve a file within seconds – eliminating this risk completely!

How Does Document Tracking Work?

With the FILETACTICS document tracking software, we deliver state of the art technology to your office that will allow you to easily copy and track your files from their paper form onto a centralized database. We provide virtual tours of the transition and process that will train your office staff on how to work the system, as well as how to manage the physical files effectively. We have multiple options to help you organize and track your files including our color coded file tracking software – great for medical offices. Let us help you determine which document tracking software best suits the needs of your office or facility.

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